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August 2014

Since its launch, the PUREFRESH range has received rave reviews from both the dental fraternity and the public. These accolades acknowledge its effectiveness in creating and maintaining oral and dental health based on a range of factors. Firstly, PUREFRESH toothpaste is naturally formulated from pure plant extracts and therefore, contains no harmful ingredients such as:

  • - NO fluoride
  • - NO triclosan
  • - NO sodium lauryl sulfate

Equally important, PUREFRESH toothpaste's effectiveness rests in its ingredients. Each plant extract has been carefully and scientifically chosen based on its therapeutic benefits and its ability to work synergistically with the other ingredients to ensure optimal dental health.

For example, clinical studies have shown that the combination of curcuma xanthorrhiza extract (CXE) and xylitol reduce the incidence of the bacteria (S.mutans) that create plaque and cause tooth decay. Both ingredients prevent the formation of acid producing bacteria. Xylitol also increases calcium absorption and remineralisation.

From your thirties onwards, tooth loss is mainly caused by gingivitis and periodontitis, rather than cavities. To combat this, PUREFRESH contains rhatany root, schisandra sphenanthera, myrrh and sage. Rhatany root extract is known to treat gum inflammation and gingivitis as it has an anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal signature. Schisandra sphenanthera has been included for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative powers and myrrh and sage for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Myrrh also treats halitosis. Combined, these ingredients have been shown to help heal small mouth ulcers, especially if you don't rinse your mouth after brushing. Not rinsing after your evening brush, allows PUREFRESH to heal throughout the night.

It is worth mentioning, that keeping your teeth and gums clean is not only important to maintain oral health, but quite possibly also for systemic well being. Scientists are currently doing research on the relationship between periodontitis and heart disease as there are indications that periodontitis can cause and exacerbate CVD (cardiovascular diseases).

White, smooth teeth are not only important aesthetically; smooth teeth also help to prevent discoloration and the adhesion of plaque. Even here, PUREFRESH has taken a gentle approach and used kaolin. Unlike other abrasives that are irregularly ball-shaped and that can scratch or gouge your teeth, kaolin particles are thin, flat platelets. Therefore, when pushed up against your teeth, they position themselves flat against the surface causing no damage to your teeth. Calcium carbonate has also been chosen as a healthy and harmless stain remover, as clinical studies showed it to be more effective than silica. Together, kaolin and calcium carbonate leave your teeth brighter and cleaner, with a beautiful lustre.

Mint and peppermint have been added to ensure a pleasant but not overpowering taste while brushing.

Other products in the range include PUREFRESH® Oral Rinse without alcohol and PUREFRESH® Lozenges for all day mouth freshness when a toothbrush is not handy or after a meal.

For more information on the possible link between periodontitis and CVD, follow this link: