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What is the Master Health Products Affiliate Programme?

Earn up to 10% commission on sales generated by means of ONE (or more) of the following:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Blogs
  4. Websites
  5. or even simply via email!

No need to hold stock! It's easy - and set up after approval is absolutely FREE (no start up costs)

By joining our Affiliate Programme and obtaining your unique affiliate code and referral link, you will be provided with the necessary tools that will allow you to generate links and thus benefit from sales straight from e-mailers, or a Facebook page, or anywhere you post online!

The affiliate programme allows you to list any of our products. You then earn commission from all the sales you generate through the programme!

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

No, there are no fees of any kind for applying to and participating in the Master Health Products Affiliates Programme. 

What if I don't have a website or blog?

No Problem! If you use Facebook or any other Social Media you can spread the word using your unique referral code and link . 

What are the benefits?

We pay commissions on product sales (up to 10%). You'll automatically be eligible to earn commission for sales generated by your referrals. You'll always have access to your earnings and traffic reports through our online affiliate member’s tool.

The reports will show you:

  • When an order is made using your Affiliate ID
  • What was the total amount spent on the order
  • What your earnings are on those purchases

With this information, you can optimize your store/campaign and make the most of your relationship with us.

How do I get my commission paid out?

We pay out commission on the 25th of each month (if over R500 accumulated) to keep the cash flowing!

Can I use my commission as credit on order?

When buying our products you have the option on the View Cart page to use your accumulated commission as credit.

What commissions levels do you offer?

We currently offer two Affiliate Programmes you can join:

Referral Programme

When signing up you will be eligible to receive 5% commission on a customers first order. And the customer you referred will also receive a 5% discount on their first order.

Affiliate Programme

As your referral sales grow you can contact us to upgrade to the full Affiliate Programme where you will receive 10% commission on all orders placed. And the customer you referred will also receive a 5% discount.

Note: If customer is already assigned to another affiliate they may use your coupon code to receive discount, but the customer will not be reassigned to your affiliate network.

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

We’re keen for you to join us!  Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Create an Account and/or Login if you already have one
  2. Visit My Account
  3. Apply as a new Affiliate by filling in our Signup Form
  4. Wait for your new account to be approved by the site admin

Or you can contact our staff via email at or telephonically on +27 (0)11 803 5445 – available Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm.