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What our happy customers say:


"Wow thank you so much I am so excited because my grandfather has been searching for this product(Beta Glucan) for a couple of years now and he has given up. I was not even aware until we spoke last weekend and I knew I had to intervene and ensure he gets it. I was quite skeptical about online stores because firstly some online stores are not legit and secondly not having the freedom to physically go into the store and pay for the product and get it same time was not comforting. However being able to search a whole store with just a click of a keyboard was definitely convenient for me. So I just decided to give it a go on just that basis and I can definitely confirm I will be ordering again. Also the service I have received thus far has been very efficient and helpful as well. It is not everyday that you receive such commendable service even from a store that you physically walk in. - Zemvelo"


"Have been taking the capsules and find them really great. Thank you. - Marion"


"I really appreciate very step & initiative you take. You really take care of your business and customers. Thanks a lot. Regards, M. D. Siba Yoni"


"Hope you are well. The Lyprinol pills are helping my mom and I'm so happy about that and therefore would like to place another order. Thank you and kind regards, Jabu"


"Just received my Order straight to my desk. And a lovely gift - olive oil. I call it: THE Service! Thank you, Andrzej"


"I am not using it (Lyprinol) myself, buy it for my mom. She believes she feels less pain and is a bit more flexible. Regards, Fanieta Pauw"


"Lyprinol has definitely helped with my arthritis. My mobility has definitely improved, my joints are a lot looser and there has also been a reduction in pain as well. So all in all a good product and please could you send me some more! Kind regards, James"


"Hi there, I must honestly say my neck seems to be better, less pain and I think it helps my joints, particularly my thumb. My wife do s not have any improvement as yet, well we will keep on using it. Regards, Ronnie."


"Sorry for the late reply but we have been overseas for the past month. My wife Margaret is using the Lyprinol and she has experience an improvement in pain and stiffnesss. Interesting enough, we are giving our old dog a similar product containing extract from green lipped mussel and we were amazed with the improvement in the mobility. This is why we were looking for a similar tablet for humans and we came across your advert on the natural medicine magazine a few months back. I will be re-ordering more Lyprinol soon, just hope that the price will be more affordable. Best regards, George"


"I can't believe it but I already received your order this morning! Thank you for the speedy service and the extra gift of the little memo pad (so so useful, I give notes to my clients on these) and the chocolate (yummy). Regards, Jeanette"


"My order was delivered yesterday, thank you. You really spoil me with my orders! I absolutely love the oil, it feels wonderful and is bound to become a regular. And the chocolate was so delicious that I shall definitely be ordering it.
Your products are excellent. Best regards, Alexa"


"Thanks for your quick delivery and the chocolates. Great to know that I am dealing with a reputable company and a good staff member. Regards, Brian"


"Thank you so much for the amazing prompt delivery on Tuesday, I was honestly taken back it was delivered so quickly ... even after I hadn't paid yet.
A BIG thank you for the delicious chocolate surprise! After a long day, we all tucked into the slab. Thank you very much for the treat.
Have a blessed day. Warm regards, Deborah"


"I received my parcel this morning. I have just tried the travel moisturiser on my hands, it is so beautiful, will get the hand and body next time as well. Thank you so much for the eye cream, I have been using it again since yesterday and I am very grateful to get it.
Not forgetting the chocolate, really Luana you make me feel so special and I will enjoy every piece will actually try and have some every day like my daughter in law does (I tell her she is sick) as normally I have to eat it till it is finished.
Many many thanks. Regards, Vi"


"Wow, thanks so much for all your help, it is wonderful to work with you:)
Have a great day. Hope to meet you one day. Regards, Lizel
PS: Hope the chocolates last.. .. Can't believe they bought so much in less than a week :)"


"Well done on a speedy delivery once again!. Compliments! .. And thanks for all my extra goodies! Calender, notepad, Christmas card and those delicious chocolates! .. Much appreciated.
I am so thrilled with Argan oil and Travel Moisturizer- looking forward using the eye cream as well. A merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and your family as well.
Enjoy your day. Groete/regards, Sarie"


"I received my parcel yesterday. There was a mix up by the office where my wife works with surnames that are the same.
Thank you so much for the extras. I have been very curious about the Vivani and it is delicious. And the skin oil is just the best thing after sliced bread.
It was very kind of you to include it. All of the best. - Kenneth"


I have to compliment you on the prompt delivery of my fantastic argan oil! Thank you very much .. and not to forget the extras! This is excellent service. Well done Do enjoy your day. Groete/regards, Sarie


"I want to thank you for the Milk Thistle you've added to my last delivery. God has mysterious ways of providing ... I wanted to order the Milk Thistle, but didn't have a good financial month, so I didn't; and then, out of all the possibilities on the list, it arrived as a gift ...
Enjoy your weekend. - Mari"


"Thank you so much for the products and the extras that you gave me really appreciate it will give them all a try soon and be buying from you in future. Have a blessed day. Regards, Ewart"


"Very big pleasure and thank you for the products"


"I have been using the granulated omega 3 for about a year and can feel the difference in my body. I am not a lover of fish but am getting the benefits by using this product. It is easy to use, as I can sprinkle it on my cereal, in my juice and on my food. it does not change the taste of the food or drink at all. The health benefits are energy, and flexibility of my body. I would definitely recommend this method of taking omega 3 as it is directly absorbed in the body and one does not need to take pills so it does not seem like a supplement but it is a food.
I have a fatty liver and general problems with my liver so am in need of a liver supplement. I have tried many brands that are on the market, but find that this milk thistle which has other benefits is the one for me. It has helped my liver to be more efficient and I am digesting and absorbing my food much more efficiently. I will be using it for some time to come as I believe it helps with general liver maintenance."


"This is the first time that I have used an eye cream that is firm rather than soft and I like it very much. I have the impression that one can actually see how it works.
Wonderful – I feel that argan oil is precious and I have always loved it. It smells lovely and the effect is brilliant. Thanks for these fine cosmetics, Glenn – I appreciate it very much!"