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  1. Solufibre prebiotic, 90 Tablets

    Solufibre prebiotic, 90 Tablets



    Solufibre can offer you more than just prebiotic properties. This natural prebiotic can improve your digestive health by nourishing the probiotics (good bacteria) in your digestive system; aiding in the absorption of vital nutrients and the removal of toxins such as mercury; improving your body’s defence against free radicals and playing a role in cell regeneration and the prevention of cell differentiation.

    The main active ingredient is the soluble dietary fibre larch arabinogalactan, which is obtained naturally from the bark of the Western Larch (Larix occidentalis) tree. Solufibre also contains aloe ferox leaf extract.

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  2. Phytolive, 60 Capsules

    Phytolive, 60 Capsules


    The potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Phytolive’s natural active ingredient, hydroxytyrosol will help to keep your heart healthy. Studies have shown that hydroxytyrosol lowers cholesterol; prevents obstructions in the arteries and keeps the walls of your arteries flexible so that the blood can flow smoothly. Phytolive is also beneficial for a number of other degenerative diseases. See below for more information.

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  3. Beta Glucan, 60 Capsules

    Beta Glucan, 60 Capsules


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    Beta Glucan is an excellent aid for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle and needs help to manage times of stress. It is especially recommended if you use public transport, fly regularly and if you work with others in enclosed environments. Studies have shown that, if taken daily, it strengthens your body’s defences against dangerous bacteria, viruses and microbes and helps to speed up the rate of healing.

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