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  1. Tresor (Calendula,100g)

    Tresor (Calendula,100g)


    Tresor (Calendula) this is a deep yellow soap with a black pencil line Learn More
  2. Aromatico (Patchouli Vetiver,100g)

    Aromatico (Patchouli Vetiver,100g)


    Aromatico (Patchouli Vetiver) with green and brown swirls Learn More
  3. Plumeria Pikake (Gardenia Monoi,100g)

    Plumeria Pikake (Gardenia Monoi,100g)


    Plumeria Pikake (Gardenia Monoi) this a very pale lemon soap with white swirls Learn More
  4. La Vie est Rose (Hibiscus Rosehip,100g)

    La Vie est Rose (Hibiscus Rosehip,100g)


    La Vie est Rose (Hibiscus Rosehip) this is an exfoliating soap decorated with flower petals Learn More
  5. Kalypso (Kiwi and Lime,100g)

    Kalypso (Kiwi and Lime,100g)


    Kalypso (Kiwi and Lime) this is green, white and black soap colours Learn More
  6. Fruttini (Pineapple and Grapefruit,100g)

    Fruttini (Pineapple and Grapefruit,100g)


    Fruttini (Pineapple and Grapefruit) this is a pink, yellow and white soap Learn More
  7. Smoothie (Avocado Pear,100g)

    Smoothie (Avocado Pear,100g)


    Smoothie (Avocado Pear) this is a greenish soap Learn More
  8. Papillon (Lavender and Petitgrain,100g)

    Papillon (Lavender and Petitgrain,100g)


    Papillon (Lavender and Petitgrain) this is a lilac and peach soap Learn More
  9. Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne,100g)

    Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne,100g)


    Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne) this soap has various pinks and white colours Learn More


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