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(Discontinued) Gold Qi Eye Cream, 15ml


(Discontinued) Gold Qi Eye Cream, 15ml

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Please note this product has been discontinued

Restore that wide-awake look as you apply the ginger-infused Gold Qi Eye Cream. Feel the skin around your eyes tighten and regain that youthful bright-eyed feeling. The Gold Qi Eye Cream can also be used to dramatically reduce the wrinkles around the mouth and deep lines on the cheeks. Experience rejuvenation at the start of every day.


The Gold Qi cosmetic range personifies the art of anti-ageing skincare using 100% natural ingredients. The main active ingredient of the range is argan oil, often referred to as liquid gold, which contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin E – a proven anti-oxidant which reverses and slows down the ageing process. Grown only in Morocco and used for centuries by the Berber women of the area to enhance the beauty of their hair skin nails, argan oil has finally been discovered by the rest of the world.

Gold Qi combines this Moroccan treasure with 30 carefully selected plant extracts unrivalled in their healing and anti-ageing abilit to bring you a range that will leave your skin looking younger, firmer, smoother and flawlessly beautiful.

The range consists of:

  - a day cream to awaken your skin
  - a night cream to soothe your skin
  - an eye cream to revive tired eyes
  - a face and neck oil to rejuvenate your skin
  - hand and body cream to restore the vitality of your skin and
  - a travel moisturiser to caress and feed your skin throughout your journey.

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