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Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne,100g)


Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne,100g)

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Fraise de Luxe (Strawberries and Champagne) this soap has various pinks and white colours


We add fresh strawberries to this luscious, natural soap. Strawberries have one of the highest concentrations of Ellagic acid, an antioxidant that is said to protect against cellular damage. Strawberries help to deep cleanse and condition your skin and are rich in salicylic acid, a recognised acne treatment and give an astringent effect to the skin. They also contain alpha-hydroxy acid, a substance that helps slough off dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter and healthier. Strawberries have been used for many centuries for their beneficial beautifying properties and were considered a medicinal herb in 13th century Rome and contain Vitamins A and C. They are in fact a member of the Rose family and this cold process soap has the inclusion of Rose Geranium essential oil, so good for all skin types with its ability to balance sebum - the fatty secretion in sebaceous glands that keeps the skin supple. And lastly the fruity, refreshing zesty top note of Mandarin essential oil that is uplifting and de-stressing. This essence also livens up pale complexions since it improves the flow of blood, therefore also useful for sluggish skin. Last, but not least, we add high quality French champagne that acts as a gentle toner for the skin, refreshing and cleansing naturally. This handmade soap is suitable for all skin types.


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Our passion is making natural soap, innovative, aromatherapy bath products and luxury, active skincare. We have spent over quarter of a century developing our recipes and perfecting our manufacturing process to ensure that we produce everything in an ethical way. We always spend time to source the best quality ingredients available from all over the world and never compromise our standards. Read more