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  1. (Discontinued) Omega 7 Lip Balm

    (Discontinued) Omega 7 Lip Balm


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    Please note this product has been discontinued

    Our Omega 7 Lip Balm is pure therapy for the lips as it offers so much more than just a protective layer. Sea buckthorn oil, the main ingredient of our Omega 7 Lip Balm, has over 190 biologically active elements that help to sustain the body’s cells and care for the skin.

    Studies confirm that omega 7 hydrates the skin, improves softness and elasticity and plumps up the lips. Omega 7 Lip Balm also contains a host of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, which together with omega 7:

    • Soothe and heal, keeping lips soft and silky
    • Create moisture-drenched lips
    • Provide natural UV protection against premature ageing
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